28 Fotos, die dir zeigen, wie das Leben in West-Berlin war, als es von der Mauer eingeschlossen war

1. Auf dem Bahnsteig am Bahnhof Zoo, 1984 2. Der Alltag vorm Bahnhof, 1980 3. Und die Sanierung des Bahnhofs, 1986 4. Blick auf das Café Kranzler und die Gedächtniskirche, 1963 5. Im Café Kranzler, 1988 6. Einlass zum Michael Jackson Konzert vorm Reichstagsgebäude, 1988 7. Das alte Tempodrom, 1985 8. Das Land’s End am […]

Overwatch Lunar 2019 EVENT: New Year release time news and Lunar skins update

The Overwatch Lunar New Year celebrations start today, adding news skins and returning activities to the popular PS4 and Xbox One shooter. Overwatch’s Year of the Pig starts January 24, meaning that fans are just hours away from collecting new loot and cosmetics. From what we know from past Overwatch events, it seems a certainty that […]

Verteile Bachelor-Rosen und wir sagen dir, wann du das nächste Mal Sex hast

Via MG RTL D Via MG RTL D Via MG RTL D Via MG RTL D Via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Via MG RTL D Via MG RTL D Via Christian Augustin/Getty Images Via Christian Augustin/Getty Images Via Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images Via Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images Via Dominik Bindl/Getty Images Via Dominik Bindl/Getty […]

Fortnite week 8 challenges COUNTDOWN: Search between mysterious hatch, rock lady, flatbed

Fortnite week 8 challenges will be going live soon on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PCs and Macs. And, as per usual, thanks to leakers we have a good idea of what to expect from the Fortnite week 8 season 7 challenges. It looks like the big challenge for Fortnite week 8 will […]

The 6 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Fyre,’ ‘First Man’

This week’s big movie to watch at home is, wonderfully enough, a documentary (well, two of them). And boy are this week’s disc releases an embarrassment of riches: an unconventional biopic, a first-rate bio-doc, and new treats from Criterion and Twilight Time. Off we go: ON NETFLIX Fyre: Director Chris Smith (American Movie) digs deep […]

17 merkwürdige Fotos, die wirklich nicht das sind, wonach es aussieht

1. Wir alle wissen, dass ein Bild mehr als tausend Worte sagen kann, aber manchmal kann es uns auch etwas verwirrt zurücklassen – wie dieser Schnappschuss eines gefährlich hohen Busses. 2. Und dieses Kind, das dem Mädchen aus Der Exorzist Konkurrenz machen könnte. 3. Dieses Starbucks-Unglück. 4. Und diese Katze, die keine Katze ist. 5. […]

Avengers Endgame toy leak SPOILERS: What does THIS mean for the plot?

It’s the most secretive film in movie history, but merchandise for Avengers Endgame was always going to tease a few titbits. One Marvel fan has posted pictures from a toy shop of characters from the movie. He’s even tweeted: “The store (where these photos were taken) was asked to put these toys back to storage.” WARNING […]

The night George Michael came to see me impersonate him: Tribute act's proudest moment

Rob Lamberti from Scunthorpe is about to tour singing the songs of George Michael (Image: Daily Express) As he stepped out on the stage at the Cinebar in Harrow, Middlesex, one night in 1997 Rob Lamberti could see the usual crowd. Wham! fans of all ages who had come to his midweek gig to hear […]

PlayStation VR NEWS: Sony recruiting for ambitious PS4 games project

An ambitious new studio is currently hiring in the UK for what sounds to be a big PS4 games project. Several job listings have been posted online that suggests just this, and reveal that it’s all going towards original PlayStation VR games. The department for the new role is listed at a Manchester Studio but will be […]