Ferrari 488 Special Series V8 named Pista in leaked photos

Ferrari Photo Page leaked Ferrari’s presentation of the 488 Special Series last month. Today, the site’s Instagram has what appear to be press shots of the coming Ferrari that reveal the coupe’s name: 488 Pista. The word “Pista” means “track” in Italian, and it would be the next peak in the lofty range already notable […]

Daytona 500 champ Austin Dillon gets it tattooed on his rump

Austin Dillon won Daytona, popped champagne on pit road and celebrated his victory Sunday in Florida, a night that ended with a new tattoo on his backside: “Daytona 500 champ.” Dillon said Monday morning at the champions breakfast press conference in Daytona Beach, Fla., that he and some of his No. 3 team, along with […]

Honda turns a Civic Type R windshield into a video game

Honda released a video showcasing the head-to-head race between pro gamer Peter “the SLAPtrain” Jeankins and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. Both racers used a 2018 Honda Civic Type R, but one car was real while the other existed only in the digital reality of Forza 7. The real Type R was equipped with a “mixed-reality” […]

Driving from the Middle of the Car Is About to Make a Comeback: Here Are the Pros and Cons

– Twenty years after production of the coveted F1 supercar ended, McLaren will again put drivers in the center seat with its new $ 2 million-plus grand tourer codenamed BP23. The British racing specialists weren’t the first to literally put their customers at the center of their work, but McLaren became synonymous with the central […]