Progressive Web Apps. The Future of Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at AppInstitute. Technology is ever-changing and the way that businesses can market themselves evolves with it. With the exponential growth of smartphone adoption, businesses witnessed an incredible shift in the way that it was possible to market products and services. In brief, smartphones opened up a direct channel to reach consumers, […]

Billionaires have the miracle you need to get out of debt (but they’re keeping it for themselves)

Debt is a way of life in America. Research by the Pew National Trust shows that 80% of Americans are living with some kind of debt. Between student loans, mortgages, and credit card debt, the majority of consumers in the US are feeling the burden. Total student loan debt has reached close to $1.5 Trillion […]

The top five reasons you should study abroad

Article was originally published at StorageWorld. With the average student that has studied abroad earning 5% more than those who don’t go overseas, we’ve looked at the top five reasons why you should study abroad.   1. Boost your career Results of a study by the Institute of International Education of 4,500 students since graduation in 2000 […]

Best altcoins to invest in right now

Article was originally published at MintDice. Since Bitcoin made waves in 2017 for hitting a peak price of $20,000, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen a significant boost in investments. Venture capital funding for Bitcoin-related enterprises also increased from $2.13 million in 2012 to $554.45 million by December 2017. This boost is due to the volatility and […]

How Green Power Powers the Cryptocurrency Mining Future

Article was originally published on CoinCentral. Crypto miners are going to extraordinary lengths to bring down the costs of cryptocurrency mining, as hashrates reach historic highs and prices struggle to move beyond market resistance. The situation has forced out less efficient miners, with the sector now being dominated by big players with millions of dollars […]

8 Of The Worst Business Decisions Ever Made – Involving Google And Netflix

We’d all like to think that we can spot a good money-making opportunity when it comes along. But even the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies can miss the mark when it comes to the decision of whether to cash in or cash out of a business opportunity. With the high stakes in business today, there […]

New Study: Most Americans overlook true costs of auto loans [INFOGRAPHICS]

Infographics were originally published at LexingtonLaw. Only 8% of Americans consider term length when shopping for auto loans America has a growing problem with auto loan debt as the total reached $1.23 trillion in quarter one of 2018. This increase is not surprising as auto loans are used on 85 percent of new car purchases […]

Is the UK Financially Illiterate? [INFOGRAPHICS]

Infographics were originally published at CreditAngel. With most of the UK in some form of debt, is there a problem with our financial education? Financial education is an essential part of a child’s development to ensure that they understand the value of money and the importance of staying on top of personal finances. However, with […]