Oscar Mayer Just Created Bacoin, a Cryptocurrency You Can Redeem for Bacon (Seriously)

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. Blockchain and Bacon: A Match in Hog Heaven? Oscar Mayer is trading in its weenie whistle for something kids these days actually want. The Wisconsin-based cold cut behemoth just launched a promotional campaign for its bacon line that features its own cryptocurrency.  Bacoin (BACN), as it’s called, is legitimately […]

The Potential Disruption Of Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

The disruption of blockchain is currently only at the very early stages. In the coming years it is likely that a huge range of industries will be disrupted by this relatively new and innovative technology. In general, emerging technologies can be exciting, they open the door to a huge range of possibilities across the globe. […]

Answers To The Most Important Questions About Alzheimer’s

Article was originally published at MedicalAlertBuyersGuide. The effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is an ever growing concern for the aging, for caregivers of older parents, and for the medical profession. The disease causes pain and agony for the sufferer, and can be equally as distressing for those who see the loved one lose their […]

Why 2FA Matters & the Best Types of 2FA

This article by Bennett Garner was originally published at CoinCentral.com Why 2FA? 2FA stands for two-factor authentication, and it has quickly become a new cybersecurity standard across much of the internet, including cryptocurrency. In the early days of the internet, we relied on the humble password to protect our accounts. Over the years, however, it […]

archery tag equipment

The game usually begins with the selection of two teams, with fully equipped and protected participants. These teams are staged on two opposite sides of the field of play. There is always a safety zone in the middle of the field where no shooting is allowed. And also players are not allowed to cross this […]

How Blockchain Voting Works & Why We Need It

Article was originally posted on CoinCentral. Blockchain Voting Makes Democracy More Transparent There’s a reason why we have to go to a polling place to fill out ballots for our elections. Anonymous ballots are the easiest way to protect the integrity of the vote while also protecting voter privacy at the same time. Digital voting […]


Flight Network, one of Australia’s and Canada’s leading online travel agencies, has consulted the world’s top travel professionals to release the world’s first ever Ultimate Bucket List, a truly inspiring list of the top 50 experiences everyone must experience before they die. Flight Network’s The World’s Ultimate Bucket List is unlike anything else ever created […]