How Much Does it Cost to Build Pop Culture Structures? [INFOGRAPHIC]

At one point or another, you’ve wanted to see your favorite place from popular culture in real life. Whether that’s studying in the halls and libraries of Hogwarts Castle or destroying planets and armies in your own Death Star, we’ve all dreamt of being able to witness such impressive sites.  These iconic structures spark our […]

Skyscrapers Of The Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at RubberBond. 5 Buildings Under Construction That Will Be Amongst The Top 10 Tallest In The World By 2021 If you think that some of the tallest towers in the world are impressive now, then you’ve seen nothing yet. Not only will the next generation of skyscrapers be in amongst the […]

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched in 2009, with the intention carrying out effective online transaction by bypassing the control of any central authority like banks or government thus making it a decentralized asset. This cryptocurrency is stored in a peer to peer network known as a blockchain than being stored in a […]

The Weird Driving Violations That Could Cost You Your Licence & How Many of You Are Breaking Them

We all think we know the rules of the road. But there are a few less common rules that our study has found, that people are either unaware of, or straight up ignore. Not recognising these rules could easily add up to thousands of pounds worth of fines and enough points to lose your licence. […]

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet [INFOGRAPHICS]

Infographics were originally published at CreditAngel. The number of Internet users reaches record highs every year, but did you know that for every tweet, comment, email and google search, a small amount of CO2 is emitted? For one person, the numbers aren’t too impressive, but when you factor in every person on planet earth who’s […]

Sport Diving – The New And Exhilarating Sport Taking Europe By Storm

Scuba diving is a concept familiar to many people, but what they might not be aware of is sport diving. Like typical underwater sports, they test endurance; but technical ability, too, as divers are required to race through 300m, according to governing body CMAS. With several kilograms of weight on your person and at depths of 2m […]

Bitmain Building A Farm For Crypto Mining In Texas

Article was originally published at MintDice. Bitmain, one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies has announced plans for the operation of a new mining facility. The blockchain data center, commonly known as a farm, is already under construction in Texas and is worth an estimated $500 million. The release statement reads: “This represents an investment of more […]

Bitcoin Mining Giants Woo Miners with Next-Generation Chips

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. Bitcoin mining, hardware maker, Bitmain, has announced a new next-gen mining ASIC chip dubbed the BM1391. Bitmain’s co-founder, Jihan Wu, recently made the announcement at the Digital Mining Summit in Georgia. Designed to run on the SHA256 algorithm, the 7nm Finfet mining chip reportedly utilizes over a billion transistors for unparalleled efficiency. […]