Can you take FOOD through airport security and what is allowed? - Brief News
Published On: Sat, May 20th, 2017

Can you take FOOD through airport security and what is allowed?

A trip through the airport can be an expensive one, with travellers buying their forgotten plug adaptors and sunscreen as they venture through off-duty.

However, food in airports is also some of the most expensive when buying snacks for a flight.

Yet this is hard to avoid when waiting to board or stuck in delays so instead, despite not many knowing it, holiday-makers can actually take their own food through.

The rules are easy to abide by and can save travellers from forking out for an overpriced sandwich.

It can be hard to find out what is allowed through on hand-luggage, as many airports aren’t explicit about what can legally be taken through.

Yet it is good for travellers to know that they can take things that constitute a solid easily through with hand-luggage.

A spokesman for Luton Airport confirmed that any solids such as sandwiches, crackers, crisps and chocolate are allowed through.

Items that travellers are regularly caught out on include jars of Marmite or jams, which are considered liquids.

However, if taking a liquid such as soup or a yoghurt, then it will need to be under the 100ml limit.

The restrictions are slightly different when it comes to parents travelling with babies.

Whilst frozen breast milk is not allowed in hand luggage, confirms that individual containers must hold no more than 2000ml each, as well as enough baby food for the journey even if it is over the 100ml limit.

Travellers should also take note of where they are landing, as certain countries can give a hefty fine if some foods are brought over.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have strict regulations when it comes to bringing external food such as fruit or dairy products from outside the country, so make sure it has been chucked away before landing.

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Can you take FOOD through airport security and what is allowed?