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Smoking is now quite popular, with people using cigarettes, vapes, hookahs, bongs, and water pipes. So, if you are bored with standard cigarettes, you should think about buying a smoking water pipe. One must admit that now this kind of smoking device is widespread, it looks really authentic and solid, but at the same time, the cost will be much cheaper than other smoking things, because you do not need to spend each time on a new pack of cigarettes or on a liquid for a vape, but only on tobacco.

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If you are just get acquainted with the smoking culture and want to choose something interesting for everyday usage, so this article is dedicated to giving a new sort of information to you, in the case if you have smoking water pipe, you can also know some new facts, due to the continuously changing smoking technologies and innovation, maybe it is the best moment to choose a new one smoking pipe!

Let’s discuss what is a Hookah. First of all, it is a pipe, which uses for smoking, this tube smokes with Shisha tobacco, such an interesting device has its own name which depends on its shape. The tube consists of several parts, each of which performs certain functions. Moreover, they are identical to all kinds of tubes. Let`s start with the bowl, it is around the wide part of a tube, where you locate tobacco. Pay attention, the size of the bowl depends on the type of tobacco. The second part is the tobacco chamber-the part of the bowl that is filled with tobacco. During the smoking process, on the walls of the chamber appears some layer, which protects the wood and absorbs moisture. Then, we can point out the next part-continuation of the cup, usually, this part has holes in the stockings through which air enters the smoke channel and mixes with the smoke, which allegedly facilitates smoking. The last main aspect is the mouthpiece of the tube, one end of which the smoker holds in his mouth and the other is connected to the tube, this part you should not forget to clean separately.

As we had mentioned, which structure has a hookah, now let’s point out how you can choose the proper hookah. First of all, they might differ by shape, size, curves of tubes, price. According to the shape, they might have conical-shaped tobacco chambers, where the chambers taper towards the bottom. Such hookahs require a little more attention when smoking, so when buying the first pipe, you should do with forms with a classic cylindrical shisha tobacco chamber. Other classification, the direct or bent tube, it is curved tubes that look especially attractive, the most popular a straight tube or with a slight bend in the first tube. Tubes with a slight bend are easier to hold in teeth than straight, straight tubes are easier to clean. The additional aspect is filter availability, it depends on tobacco burning temperature.

Finally, we can may a conclusion that hookah is a necessary device for smoking people, to emphasize your confidence and reduce the bills for smoking. If you are interested in buying these hookahs, just contact us, we will consult you and we will happily process your order.

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