Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 LIVE: Simon Cowell drops MAJOR hint this act could win?

After hours of auditions, hilarious outtakes and judges quips, Britain’s Got Talent will crown on act the winner of the series tonight. 

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With the live show underway, we’ve got the latest from the show and all the best bits! 

Who do you think will win a spot at the Royal Variety Performance show and a staggering £250,000? 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 LIVE

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 LIVE: Simon Cowell predicts series winner? (Image: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 colin thackery

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Colin hope to make his family proud with his song (Image: ITV)

21:33 – “I think you are unbeatable!” David said and Alesha added: “You inspire me.” 

“I know this is a huge show, I know this isn’t about the glitz and glamour for you, it’s because you served your country and I hope tonight they served you,” Amanda remarked.

“Both performances have been remarkable, you have genuinely my upmost respect, I salute your sir,” Simon concluded. 

21:28 – Colin Thackery is preparing to close the show and hopes to “make his family proud” with his performance. 

And the audience are on their feet! Having been joined by several other Royal Chelsea Pensioners and military personnel, the atmosphere was emotional. 

21:16 – Kojo Anim, Simon’s Golden Buzzer act was ready to deliver the laughs as he was up next to perform. 

21:08 – Out of all the memories chosen, Dec then opened and read the word Hope out to the audience. A video was then played and the identity of X was revealed as Marc Spellman. 

“It was always about hope and never giving up it. It has been an honour sharing X with you, I am X,” he exclaimed and those watching at home saw his mask come off and reveal himself as Ant and Dec’s 2018 Golden Buzzer semi-finalist, Marc. 

21:05 – Ant and Dec were back and taking part in the performance. Dec was instructed to take a single memory from the bowl and keep it hidden. X then connected the audience and public together by the word Hope. 

21:03 – The mysterious X is about to spook the audience once again. But what is their act going to involve tonight? 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 Siobhan Phillips

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Siobhan Phillips was 8th onto the stage (Image: ITV)

21:00 – “I’m very happy, there’s lots of things I can relate [to into the son]. It was a completely different subject matter,” Amanda contributed. And Simon added: “I really like you, you’ve earned a right to be here! If you win this show, I know how it would change your life.” David said: “You’re tremendously funny, but you’ve got this warmth [as well].” 

Those watching Siobhan’s performance at home took to Twitter to discuss. One said: “@shivphillips77 you’re amazing.” Whilst someone else wrote: “Do you know what? I would really love if Siobhan won because she’s so great! She’s so creative with her comedy! She failed to make me laugh yet #BGT #Britainsgottalent.” 

20:54 – Funny lady Siobhan Phillips is preparing to take to the stage next. After a little conversation with the audience, she has joined her piano for a little ditty. 

20:47 – “It was thrilling, scary when the health and safety come on and ant and dec, it’s never easy to watch,” Amanda commented. “It’s just the most horrifically brilliant thing to watch.” 

“I have seen these acts go wrong!” Simon exclaimed. “The reason you’re here is you want to give yourself a break and a leg up. You deserve to be here.” 

20:45- Alesha has had to look away from the act, as Jonathan has been buried alive in gravel whilst being changed up. The audience are shouting his name and encouraging him to escape, and there are several health and safety men on the stage. But he has managed to break free and dropped the bottom of the box to fall out. 

20:40 – It’s daredevil Jonathan Goodwin’s turn and he is ready to “pull off his danger act”. 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 jonathan

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Jonathan finally broke free and was relieved (Image: ITV)

20:34 – Amanda thoroughly enjoyed the Irish man’s song choice and said: “You went for it! I’ve never seen you so confident on that stage.” 

20:30 – Mark McMullan is singing and hoping he has what it takes to win the show. 

20:25 – Whilst the judges were wowed, some viewers at home were not. Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “This act is so rehearsed doesn’t feel natural #bgt #bgtfinal.” 

Another wrote: “#BGT Pretty amazing tricks from 4MG but they’re so awkward!” Whilst someone else commented: “I don’t know how they did any of that but it was just mind blowing. #BGT @BGT #BGTFinal2019.” 

20:18 – 4MG are fifth act to perform in the live final, but will they do better than Stavros Flatley? 

20:12 – “That was actually amazing. Your stage presence and confidence, you just light up the room.” Simon said, whilst Alesha added: “Your energy is just incredible.” Amanda then commented: “Beautifully choreographed.” 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 mark mcmullan

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Mark impressed the audience and judges (Image: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 charlie and libby

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Charlie and Libby gave a stellar performance (Image: ITV)

20:09 – Libby and Charlie are going to be dancing next! 

20:05 – The magician has received a standing ovation from the theatre and the judges. 

“Ben! So good! So, so good,” Dec commented when he joined him on stage and it was then Alesha’s turn to comment: “I think you’re in for a real chance [of winning the show].” 

“There is this air, really ethereal, proper magic. I hang onto your every word, [it was] so slick, professional. You’ve got a huge, huge future,” Amanda said. 

Simon then contributed: “Ben, I would say, which is rare, you’re are one of a small number, who has got better and better through the live shows. You really impressed me.” 

20:00 – Ben Hart is going to be performing magic next. 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 ben hart

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Ben Hart was back delivering magic (Image: ITV)

19:55 – The headteacher and choirmaster was then asked whether he thought they would get to the final and he responded: “Not for one minute , [it’s] a dream come true.” 

19:52 – Simon loved the performance and said: “Everyone of you really enjoy it every time I see you, your so excited, really feel like your a part of this and haven’t been made to do it. Love the jelly fish by the way! 

“I think every time you performed you have this kind of glow about you put people in a good mood,” he continued. “You know you might be the winners of Britain’s Got Talent this year!” 

19:50 – Next up is David’s Golden Buzzer act; Flakefleet Primary School Choir. 

19:45 – Viewers are in tears at Dave and Finn’s performance and have taken to Twitter to discuss.

“Why are dogs the best things in the world, I’m crying my eyes out at dave & finn for the third time now #bgt,” someone wrote whilst another added: “Finn and Dave melts my heart, then hearing chasing cars just ended me #BGT.” A third said: “Finn the dog always got me with a tear in my eye. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent.” 

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Simon thoroughly enjoyed Flakefleet’s performance (Image: ITV)

19:40 – A standing ovation from the judges and the audience. Simon Cowell commented first: “You know what you’re one of my favourite acts. I really hope you do well tonight.”

“The bond you have is so special and anybody out there with a pet is thinking this is adorable. With the law being passed you are winners already,” David Walliams added. 

Alesha Dixon also said: “Year of magic on this show! Great night, the nation loves you both. Fingers crossed!” 

It was then Amanda Holden’s turn to comment on the performance: “I think we’ve all said it, the most important thing here is Finn’s law, congratulations.” 

19:35 – Dave and Finn are kicking off the performances and are up first with their magic tricks. 

19:33 – The judges have arrived and the show is now about to begin.

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019 dave and finn

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2019: Dave and Finn opened the show (Image: ITV)

19:32 – Presenting duo Ant and Dec have taken to the stage to welcome all the finalists in one epic show opener. 

19:30 – The show has begun! Get ready for the eleven acts to battle it out for the winner’s title. 

19:20 – Fans are getting excited for the show to begin and many are predicting who they think is going to take the 2019 crown. 

“Routing for @kojoanimlive to win #BGTtonight. Good luck!! #BritainsGotTalent,” one fan Tweeted, whilst another said: “X or Colin Thackeray to win #bgt.”

Someone else commented: “Ben just has to win @ItsBenHart #BGT.” 

19:00 – BGT 2009 winner’s Diversity took to the show’s official Twitter account and revealed they would be performing during tonight’s finale. 

Britain’s Got Talent Final airs until 10.15pm on ITV

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