Britain’s Got Talent 2018: Robert White dealt brutal blow just hours before live final

Robert wowed the judges and viewers alike with his fast-paced comedy routine on Britain’s Got Talent.

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His efforts saw him get through to tonight’s final with a shot at taking home the title of the ITV variety competition.

He was even pegged as a bookies favourite, however, it’s all changed at the last minute.

While he was comfortably sitting at the top spot, he’s now been overtaken by fellow funnyman Lost Voice Guy.

Support has surged for the comic, who lost his ability to speak as a result of cerebral palsy, meaning Robert’s got a big rival.

Lost Voice Guy, real name Lee Ridley, is now the 11/8 favourite to win, while Robert now sits in third place with odds of 7/2.

A spokesman for BoyleSports said: “Mere hours before Lost Voice Guy and the rest of the Britain’s Got Talent finalists take to the stage and make their bids for the title, punters have reignited their love for the comedian and backed him into 11/8 from 15/8 seeing him back as the favourite to win having lost out on the spot to Robert White.

“Robert White’s odds have been pushed right out to 7/2 from 7/4 which doesn’t bode well for the West Sussex comedian.”

Filling in the second slot is Diversity protégés DVJ who appear to be Lost Voice Guy’s main competition.

Robert was at the centre of some drama earlier this week after Big Narstie was seen shoving him on sister show Britain’s Got More Talent.

Viewers were deeply concerned about the contestant, who later verified there was no bad blood between himself and the rapper.

He confirmed on his Twitter account: “Big Narstie hi-fived, shook and then made up. No bad feelings from me.

“To me the visual joke was obvious; the tiny guy dancing with the big guy, but not everyone thinks in comedy, so I think you should give the benefit of the doubt #bgmt.”

Big Narstie later took to the social network to apologise, he wrote: “Hello high to the world, sorry if I came across aggressively last night.

“But I didn’t like my personal space being invaded in that manner [I] just followed natural reaction #BGMT God bless everyone, all love.”

Meanwhile, earlier today the wildcard act of the competition was finally announced to be the B-Positive Choir.

The show posted to it’s official Twitter account: “It’s official. We can now confirm that #BGT’s Wildcard act is… @bpositivechoir!

“See them in tonight’s Final! 7.30pm, @ITV and @WeAreSTV!”

The final line-up for the grand finale includes: B-Positive Choir, Lost Voice Guy, D-Day Darlings, Donchez Dacres, Calum Courtney, Gruffudd Wyn Roberts, Robert White, Tim and Jack Goodacre, DVJ, Giang Brothers and Micky P Kerr.

The winner will receive a slot in the Royal Variety Performance line-up, £250,000 and a special “surprise” as promised by Simon Cowell.

• Britain’s Got Talent concludes tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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