BBC News: ‘You’re part of it’ Minchin jibes at John Mann for ‘pantomime’ Parliament remark

John Mann was one of two Labour MPs, alongside Kate Holy, who sided with the government in last night’s vote in the Commons.

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Conservative rebels and the opposition MPs voted to defeat the government 328 to 301 in the first stage of their attempt to pass through law to prevent no-deal Brexit.

Today, Mann appeared BBC Breakfast alongside fellow Labour MP Lucy Powell, Conservative Ben Bradley and Ian Paisley Jr from the DUP.

But Mann hit out at the goings-on in Parliament as a general election looms following Boris Johnson’s defeated vote.

Mann said: “There was a deal, I voted for it. I was in a tiny minority in voting for it I think in hindsight people will think in the next year or two actually they should have voted for it.

“This is a B-rate pantomime Parliament. I wouldn’t buy a ticket to come and watch this rubbish.”

“You’re part of it!” Minchin interjected.

Mann continued to vent: “It’s junk, it’s junk. It’s appalling what’s going on and people saying it’s exciting, no it’s not. It’s tedious, it’s boring so there’s going to be two choices.

“Parliament’s not going to vote for a referendum. There’s going to be an election will that resolve it? I doubt it will resolve it.

“Politicians need to work together and respect what people have said and start listening to one another and get out of their comfort zones and that’s not been happening.

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“Three years you know, let’s get on with it.”

While fellow Labour Party member Powell said she supported seeing Labour in power with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Mann vehemently disagreed.

He explained: “Jeremy Corbyn’s going to bottle the election today having called for it every single day he’s been the Labour leader.”

Minchin chimed in: “Right, this is the leader of your party.”

“The question Jeremy Corbyn needs to answer is why is Labour not 30 percent ahead in the polls today?

“Can you imagine with what’s going on that Labour’s not got the next selection in the bag, walking into power.

“This should be a bigger landslide than Tony Blair got.”

“You’re talking about your own party here,” Minchin added.

Mann explained: “Yeah, I’m talking about my own party leader and I think the best thing he can do is stand aside and let someone else do it and Labour will romp to an election victory.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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