BBC News: ‘Did you not listen to me?’ Louise Minchin SCOLDS Dan Walker

Louise, 50, and Dan, 41, were joined on the sofa by sports reporter Sally Nugent, 47, when the hosts were about to discuss the headlines from today’s papers.

One topic of conversation which arose between the trio was Chinese New Year as Dan noticed Louise was wearing a snake skin top, like fellow journalist Steph McGovern, 36, did on yesterday’s programme.

Louise jokingly ridiculed her co-host as she explained why she was wearing the top in relation to Chinese New Year however Dan seemed to dismiss the comment.

Not realising Louise had already explained herself, Dan went on to question her once more and was met with a snappy response from his co-host.

As Dan was also joined by Sally on yesterday’s show, the hosts asked the sports journalist in regards to Louise’s top: “Sally, are you admiring a bit more snake skin here today?”

“I love the snake skin,” Sally replied, to which Louise then explained: “I’ve worn that especially in honour of you really to be honest with you Dan because it’s Chinese New Year isn’t it?”

After he admitted he was a snake in relation to the Chinese calendar, Louise went on to reveal she was an Earth monkey and Sally was a pig.

Explaining why he’d asked Sally the question, Dan told Louise: “I mentioned the snake because Steph was on here with a blue snake skin top yesterday.”

“I know, I said to her yesterday she inspired me to wear this today,” Louise admitted, to which Dan added: “It’s a good job we didn’t do double snake skin yesterday.”

However, although Louise had explained her decision earlier on, Dan asked: “You not wearing it in my honour?”

Jokingly snapping at Dan, Louise replied: “That’s what I just said. Do you not listen to me?” laughing off her co-host’s remark.

Seemingly stunned by the response, Dan picked up a newspaper to discuss the paper’s headline: “Ok, shall we do the papers?”

Carrying on with the schedule, the presenters then continued to discuss Chinese New Year.

After Carol Kirkwood, 58, presented the weather forecast, the presenters discussed the animal she would be in relation to the Chinese calendar.

Dan told the forecaster: “I don’t know if you know this Carol, but you are in fact a tiger,” to which Carol confirmed she did know the fact.

Joking about how the animal matched her personality, Dan told Carol: “You’re cruel, heartless and stingy,” but as Carol laughed off the remark, Louise let out a huge gasp.

“It’s not true. I’ve looked it up, he’s making things up. You’re kind, benevolent and imaginative ,” Louise commented.

“Don’t listen to him,” Louise continued, but continuing the joke, Carol replied: “I don’t know? I think Dan’s closer to the truth.”

Although the presenters understood it was all in jest, Dan clarified: “You know I love Carol.”

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