BBC Breakfast viewers BEG for Piers Morgan to shake up ‘boring’ TV format – 'It’s time'

BBC Breakfast has been running since 1983 – back then known as Breakfast Time and brought in as a response to ITV’s TV-am.

Now, 35 years down the line, the rivalry between the two channels’ breakfast TV shows still exists. This morning loyal BBC viewers took to Twitter to ask BBC producers to shake up the current format to bring the breakfast show in line with ITV’s ever-popular Good Morning Britain.

Piers Morgan, a former journalist, started on the ITV show in 2015 and it’s seen a huge rise in popularity and column inches since that date. 

Could Piers be the answer to BBC viewers’ woes? 

One BBC Breakfast viewer took to Twitter this morning to tell producers she believed the show needed its own Piers Morgan.

Calgary Lass posted: “It’s time the format of #bbcbreakfast was changed it’s boring beyond belief and there’s not enough treatment of news, and Louise Minchin just giggles and laughs all the time extremely irritating-needs a new broom to sweep clean needs a Piers!”

Another viewer said: “#bbcbreakfast is degenerating into some sort of comedy show…”

Could Piers Morgan make the move over to the BBC show?

Piers, speaking to the BBC in November, praised the format of the rival breakfast show – but said he enjoyed doing things in a non-traditional manner.

“We are a very different proposition in the morning.

“The BBC obviously has a very strong brand, and a very popular breakfast show that’s done very well for a long time.

“And I just took a view that the way to make us truly competitive was to shake things up a bit.

“Make us unpredictable, provocative, lots of opinions, very lively, all the things that wouldn’t traditionally be the BBC way of doing things.”

Famously, Susanna Reid – Piers’ GMB co-host – made the jump from BBC to ITV to join the Good Morning Britain show.

It doesn’t sound like Piers will be reversing that jump himself any time soon.

The star is currently on a break from Good Morning Britain over the Easter holiday.

Piers told fans he was “taking a break” from the show but Susanna assured fans her out-spoken co-host was not leaving the show permanently.

Piers said: “I’m going away for a little while…

“This morning when I got into the world’s worst lift someone said to me ‘Are you sad to be leaving?’

“And I said I’m about as sad as I am when I’m leaving the dentist’s chair after having a root canal.”

An exact date for his return is yet to be confirmed but ITV told The Sun that he is on “annual leave”.

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