BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker stuns Louise Minchin as he scrambles on the floor LIVE on air

In an unprofessional move caught on camera, Dan was seen scrambling around under the sofa live on Breakfast, on his hands and knees whilst the ever professional Louise remained calm and tried to continue with presenting. 

It came after Countdown presenter Rachel Riley and maths teacher Bobby Seagull appeared on this morning’s breakfast show to discuss National Numeracy Day. 

National Numeracy Day was created following new research that suggests almost half of society struggles with everyday numeracy tasks, and more than a third findthem stressful. 

Bobby explained that there is a stigma around maths and Rachel added: “I think people think that the maths you do at school you’ll never use in everyday life…and what we’re trying to talk about is having that understanding about numbers”. 

The maths genius pair had created a maths problem that was put to viewers to solve. 

And of course, the numeracy challenge was Royal wedding themed, revolving around BBC Breakfast co-hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin going shopping for certain items. 

The question read: “Dan and Louise are throwing a Royal Wedding party for 40 friends (including themselves).”

“Everyone has a glass of bubbly an a slice of cake each.”

“A bottle of Champagne costs £20 and fills 5 glasses, and a Cake costs £5 ad can be cut into 8 slices.” 

“Dan has a loyalty card with “Three for Two” offer but Louise has a voucher for 25% off.”

“Which presenter should do the shopping to get the best value and how much will their shopping cost?” 

Both presenters took part in trying to solve the maths problem, and when it was brought up later on in the show, Louise discussed how some people had already finished the equation. 

Dan being one of those who had already solved the problem, expressed how in the process he suffered the loss off his “favourite pen”.

“While I was trying to work it out I’ve dropped my pen and it’s gone right underneath our sofa here,” he said.

Trying to keep in control of the situation, Louise kindly offered her own pen to Dan: “Here, you can have mine.”

But clearly that didn’t satisfy Dan, as he replied: “Actually that is my favourite pen.”

Louise then moved onto the next topic but was left stunned when Dan began to crawl on the floor.

She noted: “Oh no, oh while he’s looking for his pen lets talk to Ben…”

Dan could be seen crouching on his hands and knees as he reached under the sofa to find his “favourite pen”.

Louise awkwardly laughed before trying to continue reading the autocue lead into the next segment. 

This follows yesterday’s ordeal when Dan was seen interrupting Louise during a royal update on whether Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle Sr will be attending the wedding. 

BBC Breakfast airs 6am on BBC One. 

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