Avengers Infinity War HUGE problem with Gamora and Thanos before Avengers 4

It’s all about Thanos and Gamora.

She is his one weakness, she is with him in the end in that spooky Soul Stone scene and she is believed by many to be the key to bringing down the Mad Titan.

Avengers Infinity War was just released in the US on digital download and steaming, complete with an audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

What they say about one crucial Thanos and Gamora scene just flagged up a major issue for eagle-eyed fans. 

The first revelation is that Thanos did not make a major open move for the Infinity Stones until one crucial piece was in place.

Joe Russo said: “The reason why he has not gone after the stones before is because the minute he does, the forces of the universe are gonna line up against him. If he doesn’t know where the Soul Stone is then what is the point?”

The Mad Titan waited until Nebula’s memories told him that Gamora had found the location of the elusive stone.

He then put his entire in motion, especially his immediate need to find his wayward adoopted daughter. Except one vitally important part does not make sense.

When they are reunited among the remains of Knowhere two lines reveal the problem.

Gamora said: “You knew I’d come,” and Tanos replied: “I counted on it.”

Phil Owen at The Wrap pointed out that there is one huge plot hole: “It’s legitimate to wonder why he would be expecting her, though. If the Guardians had been on the other side of the galaxy when Thanos attacked the Asgardians then Thanos probably would have been waiting a long time for Gamora to show up — maybe long enough that they would be bringing the forces of the universe with them.

“He was just lucky that they were close enough to be the first ones on the scene, and lucky that they stumbled onto Thor.”

It was very different in the original script.

During the commentary, the Russo reveal that originally Thanos and Gamora would have met at the attack on Xandar and the Nova Corps.

In such an intricately plotted movie, the climax of the even more intricately plotted MCU Phases One, Two and Three, the final version is a jarring inconsistency.

Not enough to detract from the movie, of course. 

Besides, fans now need to work out how Thanos saw Gamora in the Soul Stone, how she will get out and how she will be part of his defeat.


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