Avengers Endgame HORROR: New Loki TV show report confirms he really is DEAD?

It’s starting to looky likey Loki really is actually dead this time. No illusions, no trickery. Thanos himself called it: “No resurrections this time.” The filmmakers have repeatedly stressed that Infinity War deaths are real but stubborn fans are struggling to accept it. Especially for those heroes (anti and otherwise) who died before the Snap and seem least likely to be brought back through some sort of Time Travel or alternate dimension shenanigans.

Fans rejoiced when Marvel and Disney revealed plans for a spin-off Loki limited series on the new upcoming streaming platform.

Hiddleston himself tweeted: “Loki. More stories to tell. More mischief to make. More to come.”

But a devastating new report from That Hashtag Show claims Hiddleston’s Loki will only narrate the show “from beyond the grave”, suggesting it will focus on Young Loki and even potentially set up a new Young Avengers franchise.

The report said: “It seems that the series may find him narrating the events of his own life, presumably from the afterlife (Valhalla) following his death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.”

This also ties in with the latest reports on the Scarlett Witch spin-off series which is now known as Vision and The Scarlet Witch.

The report adds: “Unverified rumors began to swirl that the series may be inspired, at least in part, by the recent limited Vision comic book series written by Tom King.”

This series gave Vision a family and King himself recently suggested he had stepped back from writing the ongoing Batman comic book to work on a secret television project.

Fan sites are putting two and two together and wondering if the Vision TV series will show him have a family with Wanda, which in another comic book storyline results in Young Avengers heroes Speed and Wiccan.

These two young heroes form part of the team lead by Young Loki.

This is exciting news if it opens up an entire new storytelling arc for the Marvel television universe, but will be a huge blow to Hiddleston fans. Not only does it suggest he will not appear on screen at all or very little in the TV series, but it also increasingly points to no eleventh-hour return to life for his incarnation of the beloved antihero on the big screen. 


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