Lung cancer symptoms: Seven signs you need to visit your GP now

Lung cancer symptoms can be similar to those of less serious medical conditions. But if you notice any of the signs you should make sure to visit your GP straight away. Many symptoms of the disease, such as a cough, can also be signs of less serious conditions, like asthma. But these still shouldn’t be […]

Former Lehman Brothers staff are hosting a secret party on the 10-year anniversary of the bank’s collapse

Oli Scarff/Getty Images September marks 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the biggest bankruptcy in US history, and the most significant moment of the financial crisis. Hundreds of former Lehman staff are having a reunion in London to commemorate the anniversary, according to a report from Financial News Details of the event are […]

Logitech gets into the vertical mouse game with the MX Vertical

Logitech Logitech on Monday announced the MX Vertical, the first vertical mouse to come from the popular peripheral maker. The mouse costs $ 99.99 and is available to pre-order on Logitech’s website as of Monday. Logitech says it will start shipping the MX Vertical to customers sometime in September. Read 10 remaining paragraphs | Comments

Man on the Edge: New York Times Interview Shows Elon Musk at His Lowest

It’s a portrait of a man who’s gone past fraying at the edges. In an hour-long interview with the New York Times, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears as a man threatening to come apart — and it’s not a joyous sight. Despite the frustration stemming from Musk’s actions and pronouncements, and the aggravation born of […]

Fortnite shop TODAY: New leaked season 5 skins and item in August update

Fans just have a short amount of time to grab the new Fortnite skins released by Epic Games. The weekend saw a new crop of outfits and one emote launched, providing fans with another chance at grabbing the most recent Fortnite cosmetics. Battle Royale players can grab two new skins by purchasing them from the […]

Labour will lose a big chunk of voters if it doesn’t oppose Brexit, a new poll finds

Rob Stothard / Stringer / Getty Images Labour will lose a big chunk of support if it doesn’t oppose Brexit.  If there was an election before Brexit, just 19% of people would vote for Labour if it doesn’t oppose Britain’s EU exit, while the Conservatives would be 9 percentage points ahead, a YouGov poll has […]

Timmy Matley: ‘Our Irish angel friend will be proud' The Overtones make SHOCK announcement

The Overtones singer Timmy passed away in April this year and the band opened up on coping with their loss. They told host Christine that they hope their “beloved Irish angel friend will be proud” of the work they have done following his death. Lachie Chapman said: “Our beloved Irish angel friend will be proud. […]

From the bench to B.C., Canada's walk-off win captures magic of Little League World Series

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa., — There are these moments in sports that seem to transcend any field, rink or court and become so much more than the game itself. On Saturday night at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, one of those magical, dreamlike sporting moments became a reality for Canada’s sluggers at Volunteer Stadium.  With the […]

Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling has another 'bleak week' as Brexit fears surge

The pound fell last week following another warning about how a no-deal Brexit could harm the UK in the future. However, with new Eurozone data due to be released today, the pound to euro exchange rate could experience some movement, experts have said.  The pound is currently trading at €1.115 against the euro, according to Bloomberg. […]