Russia, Iran & Turkey agree to launch Syrian constitution committee by January

Top diplomats from Russia, Turkey and Iran have agreed to ensure that a 150-strong committee to draft a new Syrian constitution will convene for the first time early next year as they wrapped up a meeting in Geneva on Tuesday. “We have agreed to take efforts aimed at convening the first session of the Syrian […]

Enter for a chance to win consoles, smartwatches, and more in the 2018 Ars Charity Drive

Enlarge It’s once again that special time of year when we give you a chance to do well by doing good. That’s right—it’s time for the 2018 edition of our annual Charity Drive. Every year since 2007, we’ve been actively encouraging readers to give to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity, which provides toys and games […]

PUBG Vikendi update begins on PC following PUBG Mobile snow map release news

Bluehole Inc. has begun the process of releasing the next major PUBG update on PC. It has been confirmed that a lengthy period of maintenance is required before the new Vikendi snow map can go live. The good news is that this process has already begun and will be ready in time for many in […]

The Voice Season 15 Finale Recap: Was the Right Singer Named the Winner?

Tuesday’s Season 15 finale of The Voice promised to be a real nail-biter. Kirk Jay, heretofore the frontrunner, had had an off night Monday, and Kennedy Holmes had turned in not one, not two but three dazzling performances. They were so good, in fact, that my praise got me accused of being biased. (I think […]

Live: ‘Bash Brothers’ ready to unleash

Marcus Stoinis ahead of Big Bash match against Sydney Thunder1:13 Supplied video obtained Wednesday, December 19, 2018, of Melbourne Stars player Marcus Stoinis speaking to media at the CitiPower Centre ahead of the Stars’ opening BBL08 fixture against the Sydney Thunder on Friday. Stoinis said his ankle is "all good" and is looking forward to […]

Oman’s ‘white gold’: Sniffing out the Incense Route

Share this article Mystical, pure and precious, frankincense is more than just an aroma. Emma Thomson follows the Incense Route in Oman to explore its 6,000-year-old story, and how its discovery changed this part of the world. The smoke coils around the man’s sandaled feet like a cobra, slowly snaking inside his long white dishdasha […]

It takes one to know one: Nikki Haley calls out 'thuggish' Saudi Prince MBS

Washington’s arch-bully, soon-to-be-ex UN ambassador Nikki Haley has demanded the Saudi crown prince stop acting so “thuggish” – perhaps because she can’t stand competition, having asserted herself around the hood many times. Haley was quick to qualify her request that Prince Mohammed bin Salman “lose the thuggish nature in which he has been acting” with […]