Are You the One? Finale: Did the Show’s First Sexually Fluid Cast Win Big?

With six stragglers still uncoupled atop Monday’s season finale of Are You the One?, the entire group was desperate to figure out the final three combinations and snag what remained of that $ 750,000 grand prize.

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“We have to do this,” Basit declared. “Not only for love, not only for money, but for the queer community.” (But no pressure or anything!)

Though the remaining six thought they had their pairings figured out ahead of the final challenge — Kylie and Amber, Kari and Max, and Remy and Justin — they would soon be blindsided by reality. Once again, Basit reaffirmed his position as the show’s voice of reason by admitting, “I don’t trust these six people to know what’s best for them.”

Following a promising date, Kylie and Amber entered the Truth Booth with confidence… only to discover that they weren’t, in fact, a match. (Don’t worry, Max was right there to tell everyone “I told you so!” as if he didn’t spend the entire season chasing after the wrong person.)

At this point, the group was more desperate than ever, prompting the six remaining singles to sit down and brainstorm. Following the world’s least romantic round of speed dating, Justin was “hopeful and confident” in his compatibility with Amber, at least enough to take her into the Boom Boom Room while everybody else enjoyed a group skinny dip. (Well, almost everybody else. As always, voice-of-reason Basit pointed out, “That doesn’t look sanitary at all.”)

Despite the contestants’ best efforts, lingering doubts about the three couples remained ahead of the final light beam ceremony. Max chose to stand with Kari, though his rationale (“I have to follow my heart”) was a little ridiculous, given that he’s obviously still not over Justin; Amber chose to stand with Remy, admitting that she just doesn’t think she can trust Justin in a relationship setting; and Justin chose to stand with… Kylie? Sure, why not.

Much to everyone’s surprise, however, these last-minute mashups were right on the money. The hour ended with eight beams of light appearing for all eight couples — Danny and Kai, Max and Kari, Amber and Remy, Basit and Jonathan, Nour and Jasmine, Justin and Kylie, Paige and Jenna, and Brandon and Aasha (remember them?) — and a well-deserved celebratory dance party.

OK, time to reflect: What did you think of AYTO‘s first all-fluid cast? And which of this season’s matches surprised you the most? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts on Monday’s finale.

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