Apple finally put a Retina display in the MacBook Air

It’s no secret that Apple’s MacBook Air is beyond outdated, and the company has finally decided to offer a lower-cost laptop with more modern specs. Amazingly enough, it’s called the MacBook Air — CEO Tim Cook started his presentation by calling it the most-loved laptop ever. And with that kind of love, it’s no surprise they’re keeping the laptop around.

First and foremost, the new MacBook Air has a Retina Display. The giant aluminium bezel is gone, but the screen remains 13.3 inches. The full resolution is four times what the original Macbook Air had, which should work out to 2,880 / 1,800. But sadly, Apple is sticking with the two USB-C port setup, and it looks like there’s no SD slot, either. Those ports support Thunderbolt 3 for improved data transfer speeds.

It also includes Touch ID, which is one of the more handy additions to the Mac in recent years, though there’s no Touch Bar (something that many might consider good news). The Touch ID sensor also includes the new T2 chip, which enables “Hey, Siri” capabilities.

As you might have guessed, the new keyboard is the same butterfly mechanism keyboard found in the recent MacBook Pro models. Apple says it’s the new model it added to the 2018 MacBook Pros, which means they’re quieter and (hopefully) less prone to failure.

This update has been a long time coming. The MacBook Air was first launched in 2008 at a time when a laptop shipped, by default, with optical drives. Its thin-and-light design was a revelation, and while some scoffed at its initial high price and low specs, it soon became a hit. Apple updated the machine every year until 2015, while its price inched below the thousand-dollar mark. Since 2015, however, the Air has only been updated once in June 2017, and has languished at the bottom of the product lineup.

Developing. Follow all the latest news from Apple’s fall 2018 event here!

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