Antiques Roadshow on BBC: ‘I lost my voice!’ Woman CHOKES after huge valuation

Antiques Roadshow was back on BBC One this evening, and it featured a genuinely heartwarming moment at the very end of the programme.

Expert John Benjamin was thrilled to see a piece of exquisite jewellery a guest brought in to be evaluated.

He revealed to the guest that her necklace was one of the sorts of pieces he loved to see on the programme.

He ended up by telling her that it was worth around £4,000 and she almost choked with shock at the massive valuation.

John asked her to explain how it came into her possession, and she revealed that it had been left to her in a will.

Her husband’s great aunt left it her because she really enjoyed her banana sandwiches, which shocked the expert.

“The best banana sandwiches,” replied John in disbelief, who then went on to ask: “What did you do? Slice them or mash them up?”

The guest then revealed that you had to mash the bananas and make a paste because it draws the sweetness out of the fruit.

The guest continued with her story: “So, I was told I was getting a diamond necklace, and I thought I’d get a diamond necklace, and I opened the box, and I saw that, and I went, ‘Eugh’, because it was quite vibrant and colourful.

“So, it’s grown on me over the years, and I have worn it a couple of times, and I don’t really know much about it, anything about it.”

John then revealed that it contained platinum and gold, and he then added that it was made in about 1905.

He then guessed that it was middle European, despite there being no mark on it, and suggested it could be Austrian or German.

John went on to add that the green petals were made out of very expensive enamel, and he also noted that it was in perfect condition.

“Another thing to note is that its condition is perfect, almost as if it’s come off the jeweller’s bench this morning,” John said.\

He then said: “I’m going to say that if you sold it at auction, you’d get about £4,000,” to which the guest replied: “Oh wow. That’s lovely.”

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