Ambitions Recap: Which Character(s) Didn’t Survive the Midseason Finale?

Ambitions went out with several bangs on Tuesday, upending (and sometimes just ending) the lives of the Carlilses, the Lancasters, the Purifoys and everybody in between.

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Let’s start at the end, with the episode’s most tragic twist: Shortly after Rondell turned away the bodyguard Stephanie paid to keep her safe, good ol’ Evan Sr. was gunned down by an unidentified assailant — and on the night he planned to propose to Luelene, no less!

Of course, Evan and Rondell’s father wasn’t the finale’s only fatality. The hour began with Herschel Cooper, the clerk who accepted bribes from Greg Peters, shooting himself in the head after being threatened by Amara. Meanwhile, Evan’s latest BDSM sesh quickly turned cold when he discovered Daphne’s lifeless corpse waiting for him in bed. Seriously, people are dropping like flies around here!

As for Stephanie, she ended the episode in Titus’ hotel room, where a distraught Amara was none too pleased to discover her. This being Ambitions, it’s possible that not all was as it seemed, but come on… Stephanie in a bathrobe? Titus in nothing at all? Those two definitely enjoyed a little bump and grind before Amara showed up.

And the deceit continued over at Bella’s place, where she and Ignacio gave into temptation and formally consummated their new business partnership — but it was all to distract her while some leather-clad thug entered the apartment and kidnapped baby Joaquin! (Speaking of the little guy, did anyone else’s jaw drop when Evan’s father casually revealed that he knows about his love child? Talk about taking a secret to your grave…)

Carly and Lori’s relationship was also a hot-button issue this week, with Stephanie’s father losing his damn mind over the idea of his granddaughter being a lesbian, much less dating a Purifoy. I was actually really impressed with Stephanie’s response — that she doesn’t trust the Purifoys either, but she won’t stand for him making Carly feel bad about being a lesbian — even if she still has quite a ways to go before she’s even remotely a good mother. Hunter, meanwhile, was a little too accepting of Lori’s tryst, praising her for putting her “dubious talents in the right direction” and encouraging her to “run this play into the ground.” Gross.

Your thoughts on Ambitions‘ many cliffhangers, both sad and sexy? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your hopes for the second half of Season 1.

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