Action RPG ‘Lucah: Born Of A Dream’ Evokes Strong Emotions With Its Vivid, Violent Art


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Lucah: Born of a Dream weaves a violent, colorful, and oppressive landscape around the player with its vibrant colors and harsh, scratch-like art style, looking like its existence has been clawed into being. It speaks of pain and harm with its every move as players work through its combat, but despite all of this, calls up a sense of deep sorrow in its quieter moments.

Lucah’s inner demons have this nasty tendency to be real, physical things that can hurt the young boy, and his only means of getting rid of them is by journeying into his dreams and lifting the curse himself. These beasts aren’t exactly inclined to let this happen, so you’ll need to equip several attacks, creating your own array of combos to use on these dangerous visions. You can further customize yourself by making friends with familiars you meet throughout the game to borrow their magic, as well as tack on some special movement styles like slow-mo dodges, allowing you to create a unique battle style.

Lucah‘s combat may be compelling, but its vision of battle, and the corrupt dreamworld it takes place in, are the most entrancing. The colorful, scratched lines on seas of darkness create this sense of unease when things are quiet, giving way to intense horror when in combat and the attacks are flying. The world seems to have been built from the drawings of disturbed children, and taking part in the violence within that kind of imagery feels deeply uncomfortable (even if the game is good), creating a powerful emotional effect within those who take it up. Equally intriguing and disturbing, Lucah is a visual journey as well as an interesting action RPG.

Lucah: Born of a Dream is available for $ 19.99 on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer melessthanthree, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.

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