Academic writing Challenges faced by Students

An assignment is a duty, task or job which is given to someone in order to accomplish a particular goal. Students in high schools and colleges are also given such types of assignments as a part of their academic curriculum in order to help them in scoring high grades.

Whenever a student sees some writing task coming his way, a shiver runs down his spine which makes him feel troublesome. The sight of not getting satisfactory marks because of not being able to submit good writing material makes them restless.

They encounter a lot of challenges due to various writing assignments that they have to complete in a short span of time. Academic writing requires some skills and experience because of which students seek outside help. Many of them use online assignment help services, which offer them customized writing services.

There are several reasons apart from lack of time, lack of understanding of concepts, work overload, etc due to which students seek expert assignment help:


The biggest problem that students face nowadays is dealing with words. It is not that simple especially for inexperienced people who have to write an article, reports, etc. Linking words and phrases poses difficulties in front of them that even if they write their assignments, they still have to take professional help.


Students find it very difficult to properly integrate the quotations into sentences. Whenever they are assigned the task of writing they simple take help from the articles, books and various websites without modifying them. Hence the problem of plagiarism arises. Assignment writing experts provide the students with non-plagiarized work and also help them in editing the work that they have already done.


Students sometimes know ‘what to write’ but do not know ‘how to write’. They fail to explain their ideas due to lack of language proficiency, which is yet another challenge faced by them during academic writing.


Students who are well proficient in language also fail in writing assignments because of lack of knowledge about the subject due to various reasons like not taking proper notes, not attentive in the class, feeling shy to ask questions which make them unable to understand that subject properly.


Every article or essay writing has a definite structure. They have three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Students face problems with following this structure due to not being able to draw up each part by taking into account the singularity of all other. In such a case taking expert help becomes necessary.


Students make many grammatical errors while writing their academic papers. The main problem is they make use of wrong words, prepositions and also do not follow punctuation rules. Taking online assignment help can solve all these problems.

The first way out to solve all the problems faced by students in writing their academic papers is to improve language proficiency, vocabulary and practicing it.

The second way is to hire online professional help.

Both the ways will help them in getting the desired results and improving their academic career.

AUTHOR BIO: I’m Jessica Gross. I read and write every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business, and lifestyle. Also, I have been working as an academic consultant for Australian assignment help for more than a decade. You can catch me on Twitter Jessica.

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