7 Things You Don’t Want to Forget in Your First Place

There is hardly a time in your life that’s more repetitively stressful than the few times (hopefully) that you move. Be it when you move into a college dorm, your first apartment after college or your family’s dream home that you built, moving, no matter how exciting, is stressful. Moving for the very first time, even more so. It comes down to having a to-do list a mile long and only two (or four thanks to an amazing spouse) hands with which to accomplish all that needs to get done. From the big things, like scheduling a moving fan, to the little things, like remembering toilet paper for the new house when you invite all of your friends to help move you in, there’s a lot of big and little tasks that you have to remember. That all comes before you even begin to live in your new place too! Once you’re finally handed the keys comes the fun part, but also the part you’re most likely to forget stuff for most: moving in your stuff. While moving the boxes with your stuff in is pretty straight forward, it’s the little things that end up messing up your first night in your new home. If you’re moving soon, check out this list to make sure you have everything you need for your very first home to make the move one you won’t forget.

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  1. Toilet Paper.

We may have mentioned this one up above but it’s surprisingly one that is quite often forgotten, so much so that mentioning it again is much needed. Whether it’s something that gets taken for granted or is simply an item so small that usually just gets tacked on to your weekly grocery list that it’s forgotten, a lot of people end up forgetting to buy a few rolls for their new place as they move in. This can create for quite a predicament for you and friends when nature calls as you’re moving in your new sofa. Don’t overlook this one or no amount of pizza and beer will make it up to your friends.


  1. Candles, Febreze, and all the other scent things…

Usually, regardless if you’re moving into an apartment or house, someone lived there before you. This means that, even if they’ve been moved out for a while, there could still be some lingering scents. You’ll want to clear those away before you move in the sofa or you might just get unlucky and the scent will stick to said sofa…


  1. Cleaning Supplies.

While usually if you’re renting an apartment, it will be cleaned after the old tenant moves out, it’s still a good idea to buy lots of cleaning supplies for your new place. Chances are there will still be a few areas that could use some TLC even if you’re renting, if you’re buying often times you buy as-is, meaning you’re responsible for how the home looks when you sign on that dotted line. Even if your new home looks extremely clean, doing a deep clean upon move-in is always a good idea to get rid of potential allergens and germs.


  1. A good fan.

Chances are when you’re moving, you’re going to be re-painting, leaving lots of doors open, and having to get a lot of utilities switched over. Regardless of the reason, we’re betting at some point you will be relieved to have a heavy-duty fan on-hand. They’re great for getting rid of paint fumes, cooling down your home, and even reducing an energy bill so having one when you move and for the long-term is only going to benefit you and come in handy.


  1. A portable shower caddy or small basket.

This one is going to come in so handy for a variety of different reasons. When you’re first moving in, you and your friends can stash your keys, wallets, and phones in the caddy or basket so that nothing of importance is left in the ruckus that is becoming your new house and lost among the boxes. When you’re unpacking, you’ll have an easy way to carry all the necessary unpacking accessories from room to room without losing them. And after you’re all moved in you have either a stylish and decorative basket or a useful shower-caddy to provide to guests who’d like to use your shower.


  1. Coupons for restaurants around your new area (preferably delivery).

You (and your wallet and your stomach) will thank us for this one later. The last thing you’re going to want or be able to do if the dishes are still packed away is to cook dinner. You’re going to be tired, sweaty, and up to your nose in boxes. Having some coupons for the pizza place down the street will save your sanity, stomach, and wallet—all in one fell swoop!


  1. A wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Unpacking isn’t fun, even if you’re excited to be living in a new area in a new place, unpacking a thousand boxes containing your entire life will never be a fun time. The only way you can possibly make it worse is by not having a few of your favorite tunes to jam out to as you sort through all your stuff. Not only will this be great for unpacking, but for moving too! Your friends will be grateful for some upbeat tunes as they schlep your boxes up and down three flights of stairs to your new place. This is also a great moving item that you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of even after you move! If you really want to splurge and have something great for your new place to treat yourself, spring for a Google Home or an Alexa!

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