6 Ways to find the most affordable transport options in a new country


Whether you have moved to a new country or you are there as a tourist, finding cheap and feasible transport options is always a grind. Not only are you looking for an affordable option but you also desire for a painless route to your destination. It is obvious that you have a limited budget in this new country. And spending over airline tickets, ferries or usual cab drivers can eat up a lot of your money. However, the good news is that trends are now changing and we can avail from various other options. All you need to do is analyze the distance of your destination and figure out the expenditure you can make over transportation.

Driving a car can be expensive in a new country and too time-consuming. You might find yourself lost amidst crowded or stranded streets with nowhere to go. No wonder the safest option is to go for a public transportation system. All you need is to be more creative, assertive and ready to take some risks. After all, exploring the new country is a thrill one way or another.

It is true that commute is the basic thing that every person thinks about before they plunge into the everyday life of the new country. Below, we list down a few ways to find the most affordable transport in a new country:

  1. Research local adverts for hiring

Undoubtedly, the best and trouble-free commute is to have your car. It does not always mean that you go for an expensive car purchase right away. There are some other options too such as buying a second-hand car and hiring a driver. It will turn out to be the most secure options as he/she will be a local who is aware of all the roads, the routes and traffic rules. It lifts a burden off your shoulders and brings you the flexibility to control your itineraries. For car purchase of any sort, you may contact local agencies such as we buy cars today that operates in the UK and buys second-hand cars for further selling.

You may want to go for local advertisements, carry out a background check and interview the candidates. Before you single out an individual, make sure that you ask about their driving record, negotiate fees and secure proper insurance coverage. You must know that this option tags along with other expenses such as car maintenance, registration and gas refills.

Thereupon, checking out the local newspaper adverts provides you with a tool to sift through all available renting options.

  1. Review the volunteer transport options

Some community groups and even the local churches offer a volunteer transport program for a certain set of population. They provide free rides to people who qualify a certain criterion. Usually, these direct towards older adults and people with cognitive deficits. And sometimes, there are temporary programs that focus on providing transport to the people who have recently moved in or are tourists with limited facilities.

To know more about these programs, it is mandatory that you contact the community service centers and churches. If such programs do not exist, you may move on to your next option.

  1. Check local transport applications

As mobile technology grows beyond our expectation, it has become quite easy for us to navigate. You do not always need to have the experience to make a judgment. You can easily book a cab, put in your destination and get the fare rate all while sitting at the coffee table. Many such companies exist that are providing this service. Uber, for instance, is proving popular for its flawless service and affordable pricing.

Countless such apps are working across the globe. All you need to do is find out the app that is popular in that particular country, examine their ratings and figure out if that’s your pick.

  1. Ask around for mass transit

If it is a developed country, you might have easy access to the mass transit rail such as a subway or a metro train system. Although it does have frequent stops, the bright side is that there is no traffic congestion. It has a limited time for each stop and can be faster than other options.


Regardless of your expected duration in that country, this can prove to the most affordable option. It is vital that you connect with people around – the neighbors, workmates, nearby shopkeepers and community centers to know about the best transit rail working there.

  1. Ask your employer about voucher transportation

Some employees are providing the voucher transport solutions to cover commute costs of their workers. Similarly, some social services provide these vouchers to older people or the ones with disabilities. The money exchange takes place between the voucher-provider and the agency.

Find out about these programs at the community services center as well as your new workplace. In case you are eligible for the service, go for it!

  1. Look up the walk scores

You might be surprised to realize that many distances that you are going to travel to this new country are at an easy walking distance. It applies if it is an urban state. Take a look through the local map, find the places you need to visit and check if you can cover the distance through walking. Look up the walk scores of the community to find if it offers a healthy walking option. Not to mention, it brings plenty of health benefits such as lowering stress, maintenance of blood pressures and cholesterol levels.

It is imperative that you will be looking for a commute in this new country. It is also probable that you are confused and have no idea of where to begin. Indeed it is a legit concern, but you must ensure that you carry out in-depth research before moving.  Ask friends and family who have been there about their experiences, read online reviews and scrutinize probable hindrances.

Once done through all the steps, you may now opt for the apt!

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