5 Foods You Must Eat If You Are On A Diet

People really often complain about the increase hair fall and the increased skin breakouts that they have to experience while they lose weight. People consider this normal and consider the problem to be lying with in the dieting process. No, the problem does not lie within the dieting process. The problem lies within your diet plan. Many people that go on a diet, poorly plan their dieting scheme. They eat in lesser proportions but instead of finding healthy substitutes, they go for unhealthy ones all of which intoxicate the body instead of providing it a benefit. The conclusion is hair loss with deficiency diseases.

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People find dieting hard because they consider the foods included in the plan to be distasteful and dry which makes it very hard to stick to those foods. The best diet plan is the one which is balanced nutrition wise and has all the essential vitamins that one requires.


Dieting does not necessarily mean you have to go for distasteful foods that you have to consider twice before eating.
Dieting is not as simple as you might consider it. Sketching out a diet plan is a very technical thing. Every food that you consume, goes in different metabolic pathways of your body, and yes, every food has a different impact on your body.

There is a list of foods that you should include in your diet plan if you do not want to run short on nutrients and develop different illnesses. Below is a list of those foods.

1- Leafy green vegetables.

You might have heard this a lot but do you know how leafy greens can be beneficial for you?
Starting from the blend of vitamins that they contain, to how they filter the toxins out of the body by acting as an antioxidant. Every benefit that the leafy greens provide you, add into the reasons of why they are worth the consumption during your diet.
Leafy green vegetables are rich with fiber. Low in carbohydrates which is ideal for weight loss. Not only do they contain different vitamins, but they also contain calcium.

If you are facing skin issues, be sure to consume these vegetables as they are antioxidants.

2- Whole-grain cereals.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the whole day. This is because your breakfast provides you with the energy for the whole day.
Cereals packed with proteins and fiber are the best source of getting all the nutrition that you need. However, be sure to select the cereals that are not rich in sugar. The cereals such as oatmeal will be stomach filling and will also provide you with the required fiber.

3- Lean protein.

The key for every person who wants to lose weight is to eat protein in excess and avoid carbohydrates. And therefore, lean protein in the form of beans, nuts and eggs etc. Holds immense importance and must occupy a compartment in your diet schedule.

The Nutrition board from the Institute of Medicine has given a statement that consumption of 10 to 30% of your daily caloric intake should be from proteins. Protein builds up the muscle and tones the body. Proteins also reduce your cravings by 60%.

You can also consume red meat which is also a rich source of lean protein.

Managing Protein is the most difficult process while you are dieting. Many people don’t know how much protein, fat and carbs they need in their meals. But don’t worry this is modern world and you can found many macronutrient Diet Planner online and one of the best online macro calculator is available on calculators.tech

4- Fruits.

Although it is preferred that your initial diet days should include only protein, but one piece of fruit in a day is healthy.
Fruits are not preferred for weight loss because they still contain a proportion of sweetness. But the right fruits, such as apple, oranges etc. can actually help fill your stomach and provide you with a healthy snack instead of going towards unhealthy means. The fiber present in fruits, along with the vitamins is something that helps make your diet plan become a perfect one.
Fruits are known to make your skin look fresher and healthier. Hence, it is also a plus point.

You can also go for dried fruits as a healthy substitute of your snack time or top your cereal off with them to spice things up for yourself.

5- Full-fat yogurt.

You just cannot cut on all the calcium from your food and if you do not include dairy products in your diet schedule, then you probably are doing it one way or the other.

There are certain hormones in the body, which can cause obesity example, leptin. Yogurt, which contains probiotic bacteria, is not only helpful in improving your gut function, but it is also very helpful in reducing inflammation in the body along with providing resistance against the obesity causing elements.

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