4 Ways Regretful Trump Supporters Can Still Help The U.S. Today

4 Ways Regretful Trump Supporters Can Still Help The U.S. Today

All is not lost. There are Trump supporters who truly regret the decision they’ve made in electing Donald J. to the presidential office. Here’s how you can still help in a massive way.

Like most of America, some Trump supporters are in total disarray over their realization that Donald just isn’t the shining light he led them to believe.

Yet, there’s still hope for America, Trump Supporter. Your contribution is quintessential in helping keep the United States strong.

If you voted for Donald Trump and are now regretful, here are 4 helpful ways to move America forward.

1. Landmine Removal

Concerned Trump supporter, in Ramadi, there are innocent children who stumble upon landmines daily. It’s absolutely horrible.

The American people know how much you hate and loathe ISIS. Guess who left these landmines behind? Yes, none other than ISIS, according to The Intercept.

Regretful Trump supporter, you can do your part and help the U.S. rid the land of these devastating explosives.

Get on the front line. Find those mines.

Do it for the kids.

2. Join A Test Group

Trump supporters have been strong advocates for the repel of “Obamacare.” Rather, they instead want to keep the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Unfortunately, they’re the same thing. But, it’s okay, dear Trump supporter. As Vanity Fair mentions, you didn’t know that.

However, you can still contribute to America’s healthcare society. You can make sure the prescriptions we acquire via “Trumpcare” won’t do us more harm than good.

It’s time to take one for the team, and who’s better qualified to jump head-first into the unknown than you, regretful Trump supporter?

You have more experience than anyone in America. With too much personal research, many volunteers are likely to back out.

Oh, but not you. You thrive on hearsay with unwavering belief.

So, we need to know what “big pharmaceutical” is cooking up next. Don’t allow your credit to be taken away by lab rats.

No. Trump supporter, this is your glory. Please, own it.

3. Guns And Backfire Prevention

Apparently, you didn’t want Barack Obama to come after your guns. The American public understands that.

What’s a Trump supporter without his/her gun? One might have to “do math” to remedy such an answer.

But, math isn’t what Trump is about. It’s guns.

Well, not all guns are safe to use. While we have the right to bear arms, sometimes, those arms can turn against us.

What the American public needs to know is all the ways a gun can backfire.

This is an important concern! And, it will require extensive field research.


Warning: The following videos contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

And, we need more examples like this in order to make America great again.

Trump supporter, you can help us all.

After learning from your hands-on education, the American public will be more knowledgeable as responsible gun owners from your contributions.

4. Be American And Pay All Of Your Taxes

This is quite important. Sure, Donald Trump isn’t an advocate for the same tax laws the average American has to obey.

However, as a billionaire with a multitude of tax breaks in his favor, he assuredly understands your position as a working- and middle-class taxpayer, according to Politico.

Although Trump will raise taxes on these classes, you have to be a moral American and pay those inflated rates and percentages.

We know you won’t be concerned with all of Trump’s tax breaks on the wealthy class. From Trump Tower or Hotel, he sees your pain.

And as America’s Savior, he will not put more on you than he can bear.

Plus, it’s your tax dollars which will go toward the construction of Donald Trump’s wall. Please, help make America great again and give your hard-earned money toward this ridiculous wall.

All in all, Trump supporter, it’s not too late. Help the country be better. You’re the front line!

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