30 stars you totally forgot were on ‘Cheers’

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  • “Cheers” is one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time, with 275 episodes and 11 seasons.
  • Over those 11 years, many famous faces walked through the front door of “Cheers.”
  • Here are 30 of the most memorable celebrity guest stars and cameos.

Sometimes, you really do just want to go where everybody knows your name. And for 11 years, the Boston bar Cheers was that place for a cast of lovable misfits.

You had Sam, the owner of the bar and recovering alcoholic, and Diane, his love interest and a pretentious waitress. And when she left, you had the neurotic bar manager, Rebecca, take her place. There was Coach and Woody, both very dim but well-meaning bartenders, and Carla, the tough waitress who never held back her true feelings. And to round out the cast, there was Cliff, a trivia-spouting postman, Norm, who complained about his wife but loved her dearly, and Frasier, a therapist.

Besides your core cast, there were many people who walked through Cheers only once or twice, never to be heard from again. And some of those people were extremely famous, like Emma Thompson, Lisa Kudrow, and Dick Cavett.

Keep scrolling to see 30 celebs you totally forgot appeared on “Cheers.”


Thirteen years before starring in “Nanny McPhee,” Emma Thompson appeared in a season 10 episode as the children’s entertainer Nanny Gee.


Thompson’s character was Frasier’s heretofore unmentioned first wife — which was revealed when he went to one of Nanny Gee’s children’s shows with his current wife, Lillith, and their son Frederick. It became quite clear that Nanny Gee (real name Nanette) wasn’t fully over her ex-husband.

Frasier and Lillith’s off-and-on relationship ran through eight seasons of “Cheers,” and nine seasons of Frasier’s spin-off, “Frasier,” so it was always delightful to learn something about their lives before they wandered into Cheers, including never-before-mentioned first wives.

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek appeared as himself when one of the bar’s most “knowledgeable” patrons appeared on the game show.


Cliff, a postal worker, and his best friend, Norm, an oft-unemployed accountant, strolled into the bar every day, and hijinks ensued. While Norm was the more practical, street-smart one, Cliff was known for spouting off (mostly wrong) trivia and facts about any subject.

However, in a season eight episode, Cliff was able to show off his trivia expertise on an episode of “Jeopardy!” He almost won but answered the Final Jeopardy question incorrectly after wagering all his winnings, making him verbally attack the “Jeopardy!” host.

Trebek later stopped by Cheers and made amends with Cliff.

Marcia Cross played Rebecca’s sister in season seven.


After Diane left the show, Rebecca, played by Kirstie Alley, was brought in to replace her in season six. As time went on and viewers became fond of Rebecca, more was revealed about her back story, including that she had a sister, Susan.

Susan proved to be the exact opposite of Rebecca, and the two sisters didn’t get along because Susan used to steal all of Rebecca’s boyfriends when they were younger.

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