25 cities where a college degree makes all the difference in getting a good job, earning enough money, and becoming a homeowner

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  • The cost of a bachelor’s degree is at an all-time high.
  • But college degrees are still advantageous — especially in certain areas. MagnifyMoney recently determined the top cities where a bachelor’s degree is most valuable.
  • Earnings and opportunities are highest in wealthy and highly educated cities like San Jose and Washington, DC.

The cost of getting a four-year undergraduate degree is more expensive than ever. But does that mean college degrees are becoming less valuable? Not necessarily.

A college degree is still advantageous, but it can get you even further if you live in certain metropolitan areas.

MagnifyMoney recently looked at the top cities a bachelor’s degree is most valuable in the United States. To determine this, they ranked income, employment, and related data from 0 to 100 for residents with a degree and those without a degree across the US’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. A final score was awarded to each location to indicate the value of a bachelor’s degree there. 

MagnifyMoney found that the earnings and opportunities that come from holding a bachelor’s degree are highest in wealthy and highly educated cities, such as San Jose, California, and Washington, DC.

Below, see the top 25 cities where a bachelor’s degree will get you the most for your job, money, and home.

24 (TIE). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Median debt-to-income ratio: 32.8%

Degree holders in Philadelphia receive 59.5% more in median income than non-degree holders. They’re also 14.6% more likely to own a home.

24 (TIE). Miami, Florida

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Median debt-to-income ratio: 50.1%

Degree holders in Miami receive 50.9% more in median income than non-degree holders. They’re also 28.5% more likely to own a home.

23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Median debt-to-income ratio: 33.1%

Degree holders in Milwaukee receive 53.5% more in median income than non-degree holders. They’re also 19.1% more likely to own a home.

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