23 Times Harry Potter Was A Complete Fucken Idiot

Recently we asked BuzzFeed Community to share with us the dumbest things Harry Potter ever did. And boy, did they deliver…

1. Guys, Harry Potter was a major dickhead. For starters, he made poor Hermione do all his homework.

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“I swear in the books Hermione did 90% of his and Ron’s homework! How big of a jerk do you have to be to not pay attention in class… then ask your best friend to do it for you?!” – sierrad4fb79c734

2. Actually, he was a pretty crappy friend to her too. Remember when he spent half a book ignoring Hermione, all because she wanted to make sure his broomstick wasn’t cursed?

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3. Also, he pretty much ignored Hagrid throughout the series, except when he needed something.

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“Hagrid is one of the only genuinely parent-like figures Harry has in his life. He is one of the only ones who is consistently considerate of him, is actually honest with him, doesn’t use him for ulterior aims, and loves him for HIM, instead of loving him/protecting him because of his association with his parents.” – kristenccarter

4. He constantly acted like he had to do everything on his own with no help.

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“Harry just loved to say, ‘You wouldn’t understand’ or something to that account. We get it, you’re ‘special’ but saying no one understands when your friends have literally been through everything with you is dumb.” – Stephen Maxson, Facebook

5. Can we also talk about how he was a bit of a fuckboy? He took Parvati to the Yule Ball (as a last resort), and spent the whole time ignoring her and moping about Cho.

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6. Actually, he was so stubborn and bitter about Cho and Cedric that it took him months to use the tip Cedric gave him about the golden egg.

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7. Then when Cho’s boyfriend was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD, he swooped in on her. But he was confused when she had emotions???

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8. He was reckless AF and didn’t ever think anything through.

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“Like sticking his face in the Pensieve. ‘Oh look, what’s this unknown and probably dangerous magical object? I’ll stick my head in it and find out.’” – daydreamersjw

9. Probably the biggest fuck-up he ever committed was completely ignoring the two-way mirror Sirius gave him.

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“Like, sure Harry, go along with some over-the-top plan that includes breaking into UMBRIDGE’s office instead of going to your bedroom and using the mirror that is sitting right in your trunk. You’re all keen to use it once Sirius is dead though.” – adeleb488560530

10. Like, he KNEW that Voldemort was planting images in his head. But he still rushed off to “save” Sirius anyway, putting all his friends in mortal danger.

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11. And then he refused to learn Occlumency from Snape, even though it could have made everything a lot easier.

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“I mean I know you hate Snape and he is pretty mean to you but for heaven’s sake could you not just try and learn it? So many lives could have been saved if he just stopped being a whiny numbskull.” – raimab

12. Also remember when he used “Sectumsempra” on Draco without knowing what the spell actually did?

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Honestly, Hogwarts really needs to start teaching these kids Latin. – childrenofthecornbread

13. He truly didn’t need to go down after Quirrell to get the Philosopher’s Stone.

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“If he’d never gone down there then Quirrell couldn’t have gotten the stone out of the mirror, and would have just been stuck there. His entire intervention was super unnecessary and was just him needing to play the hero.” – plotbunny

14. Also speaking of Philosopher’s Stone. On the train, he bought the WHOLE FUCKING TROLLEY of sweets. Like… do you think some of the other kids on the train would want something?

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(Yes, I realise that this was a movie moment, but its funny and I wanted to include it.)

15. He honestly thought that Dumbledore would kill an eight-year-old girl for a school tournament, and subsequently nearly came last in the Lake Task.

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– Sam Lim, Facebook

16. He 100% messed up when he goaded Ron into leaving them in Deathly Hallows.

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“Ron was worried about his family’s safety and whether or not the Horcrux hunt would be successful. Instead of handling the situation rationally or being sympathetic, Harry lashed out at Ron.” – Larken

17. Honestly, Harry fucking loved making everything about him, just because he’s the Chosen One.

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“Arthur Weasley is bitten by a snake and in hospital, but it’s Harry who goes on a sulk.” – abbyf4adfe35a4

18. He totally forgot Ginny was possessed by Voldemort, and said so to her face.

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Of course, only his experiences are important. – leeirist

19. Instead of waiting around for Ron’s parents to help, he decided it’d be a good idea to steal a magical car and FLY TO HOGWARTS?????

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21. He constantly got detention and fucked up the Quidditch team.

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“Literally EVERY TIME Angelina BEGGED him to hold his temper and not miss Quidditch practice, he didn’t. Harry, we know you’re going through some stuff, but you can HOLD YOUR TONGUE!!!” – Chana Lerner, Facebook

22. I will never ever be OK with how Harry completely forgave Snape for every shitty thing he’d ever done.

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“Why did Snape being creepily obsessed with Lily change Harry’s opinion of him?? He went around hating him for 16 years and now he’s like in love with the dude?? Like are you fucking drunk Harry, go home.” – jadenia

23. AND THEN he named his poor kid “Albus Severus”, after the “two bravest men” Harry knew.

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“First of all, Ron nearly died multiple times for you, Remus died fighting alongside you, as did Fred and many others, and also Colin Creevey, your devoted fan. AND WHAT ABOUT DOBBY?!?!?” – amygracexoxo

Before you ask, yes I am aware that Harry went through some really traumatic shit and he had a lot to deal with. I still reckon he acted like a real knob. See u in the comments xoxo.

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