15 Times Ellen DeGeneres Wasn't Afraid To Stand Up For What She Believed In

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When she defended Oprah after Trump said she will be exposed and defeated if she runs for president:


Watch her full defense of Oprah here.


When she shut down this homophobic woman on Oprah:



And this woman, who said Ellen’s sitcom promoted/glorified sex:


When she said this about Donald Trump:


And used Finding Dory to speak out on the travel ban:


You can watch her full explainer here.


When she was not here for Caitlyn Jenner’s former stance on gay marriage:


When she was critical of Elton John’s reaction to her coming out:

During the time, because there was so much talk about it, everyone was just sick of it. I had only done the cover of Time magazine, a primetime special with Diane Sawyer and Oprah — those were the only three places I talked — people were reporting on reports and reports. Even Elton John said, “Shut up already. We know you’re gay. Be funny.” I had never met him and I thought, “What kind of support is that from a gay person?”


When she stood up to John McCain, who was anti–same-sex marriage at the time:


When she banned Kim Burrell from her show after the singer made anti-gay comments:


And when she condemned Mississippi’s anti-LGBT law:


When she stood up to Wendy Williams, who talked about Kim Kardashian and Kanye on her show:


And when she stuck up for Miley when on Bethenny Frankel’s former talk show:


When she spoke out against Trump lifting the ban on bringing elephant trophies in the US:


When she hilariously clapped back at Eric Trump, who said she was part of the “Deep State.”


And when she perfectly fired back at people who were mad she was JCPenney’s spokesperson:

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