15 foods that are banned around the world

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  • Because of different health standards and cultural customs, countries around the world ban various kinds of foods
  • Some of these bans are based on environmental or dietary reasons while others threaten cultural tradition.
  • M&M candy is beloved in the US but in Sweden. It’s seen too similar to another candy known as M by Mondelez, and is therefore banned in the country.

There are certain kinds foods that should be avoided for health reasons, but what about dishes with government laws against them? Some of your favorite foods could be banned internationally for a host of environmental, dietary, and customary reasons.

We’ve rounded up a list of 15 foods that are illegal to consume and produce in certain countries. With crimes ranging from trademark infringement to inhumane production processes associated with them, these foods and beverages are unlawful here and across the globe.

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Farm-raised salmon

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Everyone’s favorite pink-hued fish has a dark side, at least when it comes to the farm-raised variety. Also known as Atlantic salmon, these fish pose a number of environmental concerns, according to The Environmental Defense Fund. Nations including New Zealand and Australia have banned the sale and consumption of farm-raised salmon in an effort to reduce pollution. When it comes to grocery shopping, avoid salmon with a greyish hue and gravitate towards fish that’s labeled “sockeye” or “Alaskan” to make sure you’re eating the wild variety

Kinder Surprise Eggs

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These British imports are banned from the US, and not for their tendency to become addictive. Instead, these chocolate treats are off limits in America because they contain an inedible object in their center, which violates the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. They are considered to be a choking hazard because young children may mistakenly try to eat the toy in the center of the chocolate.

Foie Gras

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Foie gras may be a French delicacy, but it has no place in California. The state recently reinstated a ban on this fatty duck and goose liver, citing the inhumane treatment of livestock as the reason for the prohibition. The birds are force-fed through tubes in order to enlarge the liver to up to ten times its normal size. Animal rights organizations such as PETA are celebrating the ban while many California chefs and livestock farmers are eager to see it overturned. In addition to California, Italy, India, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Israel, and Germany all have bans or restrictions on foie gras.

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