11 of the cutest things that have happened on airplanes

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  • Plane travel has been the source of heartwarming moments time and time again.
  • On one flight, the cast of “The Lion King” broke out into song while passengers boarded.
  • Multiple proposals have happened on flights, and at least one wedding. 

Travel can be one of the most frustrating endeavors to undertake, particularly around the holidays. Between delayed flights and lost luggage, an attempt at a vacation can be soiled by unplanned complications.

But on the flipside, when you’re traveling 30,000 feet above the ground with a bunch of strangers, you never know what could happen. From proposals to flight attendants who go above and beyond their responsibilities, plane travel has been the source of heartwarming moments time and time again.

Keep reading for the cutest things that have happened on airplanes.

This man involved other passengers in his surprise proposal to his girlfriend.


It’s one thing to pull off a surprise proposal on a plane in front of a bunch of strangers, but it’s another to actively involve them in the process. That’s exactly what a passenger named Andrew did when he boarded a flight with his girlfriend, Rachel, according to “Today.”

He handed out notes to every passenger without her knowing, introducing himself and asking if they would help out by taking photos of the proposal. His note disclaimed he had it all, except one thing — a photographer. With their help, he was able to get detailed shots of the moment, albeit on iPhones.

The cast of “The Lion King” broke out into song while passengers boarded.

Disney On Broadway/YouTube

When it comes to flying, the actual part of the journey where you’re in the air is usually the most pleasant part when you take into account the stress of boarding and leaving the aircraft, waiting at the gate, and having to make the trudge to baggage claim.

Luckily for passengers on a flight going from Brisbane to Sydney, they were provided with free entertainment when the Australian cast of Disney’s “The Lion King” broke out into song and performed “The Circle of Life” while everyone found their seats.

A Southwest employee had a dance-off with two little kids waiting for their flight.

George Frey/ Getty Images

Okay, so technically this wasn’t on a flight, but it’s about as close as you can get. Waiting for your flight isn’t fun for anyone, but two little girls found their own entertainment by engaging in a dance-off with Southwest Airlines employee at Dallas Love Field airport, according to The Kansas City Star.

The two kids were playing around at the gate while waiting to return home from a trip to Disney World when they began engaging with an employee on the tarmac, who at first started mimicking their movements and eventually began dancing while working.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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