11 McDonald’s menu items that ended up being total failures

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  • McDonald’s menu items have been hit or miss over the several decades of its existence.
  • Customers used to be able to order their meals super-sized, but a documentary revealed how terrible it was on the body so the fast food chain stopped.
  • Onion Nuggets came out before McNuggets but they were unpopular with the public.



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McDonald’s tried its hand at a fancy seafood offering in 1993. The Mc Lobster was a heap of lobster and lettuce in a bun, complete with “lobster sauce.” As the picture makes clear, the lettuce often outweighed the lobster, and many people were unwilling to pay $ 5.99 for it. But this wasn’t quite the end of the McLobster story; it’s still available in Canada and parts of New England. Can you guess where the world’s most expensive McDonald’s is located?

Hula Burger


The Hula Burger was one of McDonald’s earliest flops. In the 1960s, McDonald’s franchise owner Ray Kroc discovered that their sales were taking a hit in areas with large Catholic populations since Catholics often abstain from eating meat on Fridays. So Kroc came up with a meatless cheeseburger that he hoped would rejuvenate sales.

His choice for the patty? A grilled ring of pineapple. Yes, this burger was pineapple with cheese on it. Need we say more about why it failed? McDonald’s saved face, though, with another meatless option that became much more popular: the Filet-O-Fish.

Super-size anything

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This bigger-than-large size option for drinks and fries was actually fairly successful when it was introduced in 1993. But then in 2004, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock released his documentary “Super Size Me.” This stomach-churning look at the effects of eating McDonald’s food in excess caused the franchise to backpedal and remove its super-size option. On the other hand, these are the healthiest items you can order at McDonald’s.

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