10 underrated places in North America for your next girls trip

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  • There’s nothing like a girls trip to strengthen even the strongest of friendships.
  • With so many beautiful cities in North America, there are several destinations easy on the eyes and the wallet.
  • Wine country in New York is a nice change of pace while Mexico‘s self-proclaimed surf town are among some of the most underrated cities for a girls getaway.

Traveling with your family or significant other is great, but sometimes it takes more than a happy hour to bond with your girls. Enter girls trips. A much-needed getaway masked as a “bonding experience” for you and several of your closest partners in crime.

You’ve solidified the crew and decided on a date, but now comes the hardest part — figuring out a place that’s not only cost-effective but also bustling with endless attractions and trendy restaurants. Las Vegas, Miami and yes, San Diego, are fine. However, there boasts a bevy of underrated cities across North America that not only cater to large crowds of ladies looking to let loose but also don’t make a huge dent in one’s wallet.

Here are 10 of the most underrated places for a girl’s trip.

Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place for active ladies who enjoy the outdoors.


Whether you fancy a dip in a hidden waterfall or a scenic hike up Dog Mountain, the Columbia River Gorge region in Oregon is a low-key yet breathtaking place for a girl’s trip. With plenty of wide open road one can cruise on via bicycle or car, the scenery lends itself for plenty of Instagram-worthy shots.

While you’re there, take in the craft beer scene of the Pacific Northwest. Not a beer fan? Thankfully, the Willamette Valley located just an hour south boasts over 400 wineries and known for its famous pinot noir. Start planning your trip here.

Squaw Valley, California is home to the largest ski resort in the United States.


If hitting the slopes sounds more fun than laying on the beach, then Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the ideal place for a girls getaway. It’s rare to find so much snow in California, and the developers of this venue have made great use of this asset. There are condo-style suites so everyone stays in one room and some budget-friendly rooms. 

Everything you will need is on the property, including nearly 20 shops to fuel some retail therapy. Between The North Face to gourmet chocolate, the stores are diverse.

Sedona, Arizona is for the army of ladies looking to benefit from a relaxing time.


Located near Flagstaff, Sedona is a haven for ladies interested in escaping their day jobs for some rest and recreation. Aptly nicknamed “Red Rock Country,” lodging in Sedona ranges from resorts and cabins to bed and breakfasts.

Sedona is well-known for its spiritual vortexes, which their site describes as “swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration.”

People apparently leave feeling inspired, recharged, or uplifted after visiting a vortex. Sound like something fit for you and your girl? Start planning.

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